KSM ZEMAN Sp. z o.o.  has expanded its range of solutions for the power engineering sector by offering installation of the internal components of electrostatic precipitators and discharge electrodes, with a focus on mast blade electrodes.

Our production is based on a reliable team of engineers and technicians, a complete production line operated by qualified production personnel, and 25 years of industry experience.

Our well-built team and many years of practical experience allow us to offer ready-to-use and proven solutions to customers in Poland and in international markets.

The components we manufacture have been installed in tens of electrostatic precipitators in Poland and many other European countries, including Germany and Austria.



Discharge electrodes

Our flagship product is discharge electrodes, which are an indispensable part of any electrostatic precipitator.  Most of the electrodes in use today are mast electrodes with blade-type emission components.

Internal components of electrostatic precipitators

Discharge electrodes are not the only product in our range. It also includes the internal components of electrostatic precipitators. These components determine the efficiency of the precipitator.

The components we provide include:

  • suspension structures for collection electrodes,
  • rapping rods,
  • spacers for collection electrode beams, discharge electrodes and rapping rods,
  • collection electrode rapper drive housings,
  • suspension frames for discharge electrodes,
  • fitting parts for discharge electrode frames,
  • discharge electrode rapper drives,
  • transmission shafts and
  • equipment for the replacement of insulators.